• Memory, Mind Power & Motivational Training.
  • Management & Skill Development Program.
  • Practical Experimental Learning Process.
  • Scientific & Life Changing Knowledge.

    "My expectations were exceeded tremendously. First and foremost one of the main reasons it is true success and ‘growth in my life’ , as the session taken by Dr. Dattaray Ghode is tremendous and meaningfull.”

    -Mr. Anup Mahajan
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    "I would like to thank you from the deepest of my heart! I had an awsome, Mind blowing, enlightening experience visiting your workshop, the ultimate 'wisdom of success'.”

    -Mr. Rajan Sarkar
    About Trainer -

    Dr. Dattatray Ghode is one of the youngest peak performance mind and motivational trainer of India. He is Bachelor in Alternative System of Medicine. Dr. Dattatray Ghode is Founder Member and director of Archangels Institute which has been conducting Seminars and Workshops on self Development to support people to unleash the infinite potential within. He is very enthusiastic to learn more and more practical life changing knowledge which is particularly not taught in school. With the help of his practically incomparable knowledge he has achieved success in training field and experience, through this he is continuously giving practical life changing results to participants. The techniques which he teaches are very simple to apply in practical life. These simplified techniques are specially designed by him for modern needs. He offers scientific training program which helps every individuals to evolve by activating the traits of sub conscious mind to long lasting self mastery for higher achievements. In this program he teaches motivational strategies of peak performance. For him, Training is passion of his life. Through interactive participation he facilitates the practical experimental learning process. He promotes integration of eastern wisdom and western scientific research, using transformational tools and techniques. According to him “there is a real possibility that mind power and self motivation is having power of transforming one’s life”. For more than a half decade Dr. Dattatray Ghode has served as expert self development coach and Touches lakhs of people all over India. His motive is to create confident, self motivated, happy, healthy, successful and spiritually powerful people So that he has decided to dedicate himself to modelling self developed & successful people in India.

    Motive - His motive is to create confident, self motivated, happy, Healthy, successful and spiritually powerful people in India.

    He is Expertise in -
    • Memory Trainer
    • Mind Trainer
    • Motivational Speaker
    • Reiki Grandmaster
    • Yogacharya
    • Tarot Card Reader
    • Pranic Healer
    • Corporate Trainer
    • Acupressure consultant
    • EFT Trainer
    • Crystal Healer
    • Sales Trainer
    • Energy Healer
    • Numerologist
    • NLP Trainer
    • Pyramid Vastu Consultant
    • Shivswarodaya Shashtra Teacher
    • Life Coach
    • Past life Regression Therapist
    • Hypnotherapist
    & many more for self development...
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